Pass Joint, Not Judgments

Pass Joint, Not Judgments

The cannabis usage in many ancient societies was associated with magic, healing, and spiritual purposes. A drastic  shift occurred on our contemporary perception of cannabis, and it was associated with stigmas, criminal activities, shame. And this is how our generation get its first contact with cannabis. Those ones who stood up against cannabis prohibition were reprimanded, cannabis was illegal in Canada for nearly a century, and using it has been frowned upon for even longer.

Here at Pink Joint, we’re open minded individuals working to create and share a world where cannabis is free to enjoy in all its many forms – a world where people like us can feel free from stigma and shame. We believe that cannabis has the power to unify, to create beautiful moments between friends. With cannabis you can take over control of you own health, and choose how to cure yourself, how to calm down, how to relax and enjoy the moment. Pink Joint is about how to free yourself, how to love yourself and be yourself. Is about freedom and care, empower yourself and make your own choices.

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  1. Still waiting for an email from you so I can place an order

    1. Hello there I apologize for not seeing this earlier. I am the shop manager, and I will email you right away.

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