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Pink Kush Review

Among the most enjoyable and heavy-hitting strains within the Kush family, you can rely on Pink Kush to provide light-hearted relaxation, cerebral inspiration, and soothing euphoria. Bellow, we got a Pink Kush Review:

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Pink Kush Review

Nuken Strain Review

Nuken is a mainly-indica strain with a sweet, earthy smell and flavor. It is undeniably potent, but generally leaves users functional enough to still enjoy friends and hobbies. A creeper head high is followed by a total body buzz and strong painkiller effects. Better for the intermediate to experienced smoker. Bellow, we got a Nuken Strain Review:

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Nuken Strain Review

Gorilla Glue Strain Review

Pungent and potent, Gorilla Glue (aka Sister Glue or GG1) is not a low profile smoking experience. Expect a heady high that sits right at the border of cerebral euphoria and a full body melt. Bellow, we got a Gorilla Glue Strain Review:

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Gorilla Glue Strain Review

God’s Green Crack Review

This balanced hybrid provides an intense, euphoric high that hits the head and the body. Lift your mood, relax your muscles and enjoy the trip. Rookies beware – God’s Green Crack is a mental and physical experience best left to the experienced (or extremely adventurous) smoker. Bellow, we got a God’s Green Crack Review:

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Gods Green Crack Strain Review

Violator Strain Review

Sleep-deprivation? Despite the name, Violator will do quite the opposite, giving you a good night’s rest.

Also useful for chronic aches and pains, stress and anxiety, and appetite. Bellow, we got a Violator Strain Review:

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Violator Strain Review

Diesel Kush Review

Walk on through to clear your mind and ease your pain; every road around these parts leads straight to relaxation. Bellow, we got a Diesel Kush Review:

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Diesel Kush Strain Review

Rockstar Strain Review

Rockstar provides a very balanced body-mind high alongside potent pain and muscle spasm relief. Earth and citrus tastes, spice and grape aromas, high chance of giggles. Bellow, we got a Rockstar Strain Review:

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Rockstar Strain review

Black Diamond Strain Review

Expect an excellent body high combined with a happy, social sativa energy. Users that are more prone to feelings of panic or paranoia should consider this a good option, with less potential for these side effects. Bellow, we got a Black Diamond Strain Review:

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black diamond strain review

Charlotte’s Web Strain Review

Charlotte’s Web is a rare cross of an unspecified strain with industrial hemp. This hybrid was originally cultivated in Colorado for a young epilepsy patient named Charlotte. Charlotte’s Web is a high-CBD medical strain with only trace amounts of THC. It is a great option for anyone who wants all the benefits without any of the psychoactive effects. Popular in families for the treatment of children or seniors. Bellow, we got a Charlotte’s Web Strain Review:

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charlotte's web strain review

Fortune Cookies Strain Review

Bubba Kings’ Fortune Cookies is a potent hybrid of Girl Scout Cookies and OG Kush. Sativa genetics induce a soaring, long-lasting creative buzz alongside honeyed, earthy flavors. Expect to feel the typical Indica couch-lock when consumed in larger doses. Bubba Kings is dedicated to furthering and supporting the concept of craft cannabis growing in all aspects of its’ operation, from seed to smoke. Using only select genetics, Bubba Kings has bred Canada’s finest strains over the past 22 years. Bellow, we got a Fortune Cookies Strain Review:

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fortune cookies strain review

Khalifa Bubba King Review

Bubba Kings has used select genetics to breed Canada’s finest strains over the past 22 years. Named for the hip-hop artist otherwise known as The Wiz, Bubba Kings’ Khalifa offers a blast of sour lemon and pine flavors followed by a jolt of cerebral stimulation. The perfect bounce in your step to start the morning. Bellow, we got a Khalifa Bubba King Review:

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khalifa strain review

OG Kush Review

OG is cherished for its ability to crush stress under a heavy euphoria. This smoke can and will kick you in the ass. While somewhat harsh and cough-inducing, its’ spicy, hashy, classic indica flavors are worth the risk. Expect aromas of earth, pine, and sour lemon with woody undertones. This versatile smoke lends itself to the user’s mood and mindset. OG is a good choice for parties and lively conversations and can provide enjoyable enhancement for mind-body activities like video games, exercise, and sex. Bellow, we got an OG Kush review:

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og kush strain review

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